Inspirational Finds aka Searching for Mermaids by Adrienne Vaughan

I’m guesting on Morton S. Gray’s blog …talking about mermaids, seashells and decapitated heads! Great fun … check it out!

Morton S. Gray - Author

This week I’m joined by Adrienne Vaughan for a fascinating insight into the world of an author.

Being an author is definitely one of the best jobs in the world!


Because we just sit at our desks making things up. Great, when ideas flow and the muse rests serenely on your shoulder, fingers flying across the keyboard as the screen fills with lyrical prose, scintillating dialogue and the best side-splitting gags ever written. Happens all the time, every day without fail, it’s so easy!

Of course, that’s a big fat fib! Which is why, as soon as a story starts formulating in whichever part my scrambled brain that miracle occurs, I start collecting things. Things, that when I first started on this journey, I didn’t realise were remotely related to what I was doing at all.

For instance, my debut novel The Hollow Heart ( is set…

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