Are you #ScaredYet? Frightful Reads for #Halloween #BeAfraid

Some wonderful spookiness to snuggle down with as October begins …

Pam Lecky Books

If you are a fan of ghost stories you have come to the right place. In honour of Halloween, we are pleased to introduce you to some tales from the dark side to make you shiver! A mix of short stories and novels – 10 fabulously scary reads.

The Lighthouse Keeper by Pam Lecky


It’s Sally and Alex’s first weekend away together and romance is definitely on Sally’s mind. But why is Alex acting so out of character? When strange things begin to happen, Sally wonders if they are alone in their coastal getaway …

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Mayday! by Pam Lecky

Mayday!World War I is raging and German U-Boats are prowling the south coast of Ireland looking for prey. Steaming towards them is HMS Lusitania …

Valentine Lambert is facing another tedious day as an office clerk. But a premonition of disaster is the precursor to the most extraordinary…

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