#BookReview Girl in the Castle by Lizzie Lamb @lizzie_lamb @newromantics4 #Romantic #Fiction #LoveBooksGroupTours

Fabulous review of Girl in the Castle and interview with the wonderful author Lizzie Lamb. A glorious celebration of love and the beauty of Scotland … sigh

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Today on Love Books Group Blog, I am delighted to be launching the book blog tour for Girl in the Castle. We have a guest review from Kimberly Livingston.

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When did nice become politically incorrect? That is a rhetorical question obviously, I am an American after all. Recently a movie was panned for being too uplifting and not realistic (aka ugly) enough. I also know that books are being passed over for being too “nice”. I believe this world could use some more niceness in it. When I got the opportunity to read Girl in the Castle by Lizzie Lamb I was thrilled to be thrown in a world where life doesn’t always go as planned, and certainly, there is tragedy (it is life after all), but I didn’t have to survive anything uglier than jealousy and heartbreak. These I would expect in a…

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