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What a totally stupendous year! How we ever found time to write, I’ll never know! Thanks everyone for all your amazing support.

New Romantics Press

Lizzie, June, Mags and Adrienne ...plotting again!Now the very last of the twinkly lights have been put away and before February crashes headlong into Valentine’s Day and then Easter, here’s a mini wrap up of 2014 for the New Romantics Press and a teeny peak at some of the very exciting plans, for what is going to be our fourth year as one of the literary world’s favourite indie groups! (Over-egged the last bit, slightly, but hey you know what we mean).

Lizzie, June and myself spent much of the start of 2014 promoting our latest novels, Boot Camp Bride(Lizzie Lamb); 20’s Girl and all that Jazz(June Kearns) and A Change of Heart(Adrienne Vaughan). Aided and abetted by Mags, who was busy editing her new one, Twins of a Gazelle.

Where's Mags . . .February 2014 – Lizzie, June and myself hosted a Meet the Author event at Waterstones, Market Harborough, which was a great…

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