Rosie’s Book Review Challenge – A Review from Jessie

Rosie Amber

Continuing our posts from Book review Challengers today we have a review from Jessie. She blogs at

Rosie's Book Review Challengers 1

Jessie chose to review “An Englishwoman’s Guide To The Cowboy” By June Kearns.

An Englishwoman's Guide To The Cowboy - By June Kearns An Englishwoman’s Guide To The Cowboy – By June Kearns

Here is her review.

For the first time ever I was given a copy of a book to review by it’s author. (Actually what happened was Rosie Amber put out a call for volunteer book reviewers and I stuck my virtual hand in the air and said “Me! Me! Pick me!”  – and then the author gave me a copy.)

But when I got the book, I’ll admit, I was a little nervous. Cowboy and Englishwoman romance- it could be awesome, it could be terrible. I’ve exchanged words with a few authors via book reviews before but never before I read the book. What if I hated it? What would…

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